Storage for RV/Trailers/BOATS


We offer outdoor storage for Trailers, Campers, RV's, Boats, etc at a rural property near Brantford and Paris Ontario.

NOTE: outdoor storage only provided from Oct 1 through May 31 - not year round storage

Monthly cost until May 31, 2020

(Monthly rates are for full or partial calendar month)

Length of unit includes hitch

$20/month for unit length 18 ft or less

$25/month for unit length 19 - 23 ft

$30/month for unit length 24 - 29 ft

$35/month 30 ft or more

You can deposit $50 to reserve your spot

Pay the season amount when you park your unit

The parking lot is not plowed so early removal of your unit is dependant on the weather.

Call 519 755 6530 or email